Writing Coaching

Whether you don't know where to start, how to keep going, how to get better as a writer, or simply how to keep your shit together, we can work together in weekly or bi-weekly one-hour sessions to make sure you're not just sitting there with your thumb up your ass, wasting all that creative potential.

$70/session (60 minutes)

Group Coaching

Access to a set of weekly office hours organized around a writing theme of the week, starting with exercises to keep your work flowing and the creative muscle in practice. Pre-submitted questions are answered in the order of submission, but there is often a live Q&A at the end.

$50/month (four one-hour sessions)

Concept Breakdown

A full critique of your concept: whether it has sufficient Irony, Conflict, and room for Change, and whether it suggests a link to a sufficiently powerful Story Engine.

Includes a pre-questionnaire and a 2-3 page written report with commentary on Concept and Story Engine and suggestions for improvements.

(Note: if your idea is shit-hot amazing and I have zero to say about it, no charge.)

$50/each Concept

Script Doctoring

Note: for Production Companies only.

Begin with a full coverage of your script with suggestions for improvements. From there we will work side-by-side to suggest changes to structure, dialogue or character polishes, and refinements up through the level of script packaging. Flexible to suit the needs of the project.



Concept is the Hardest Part

If there isn't a strong idea, there isn't going to be a strong screenplay. The good news is that even if you've already written the damn thing, you can tighten up the concept and come back to it to increase the story's bang for the buck.



Sometimes it's just talking to someone.

If you feel alone and unsupported on your creative journey, or you just need someone to light a fire under your ass, you're in the right place. While I agree that we can all benefit from more discipline, I don't suffer fools easily and will tell you how I see it: whether you're doing stunning work or whether you need to shape the fuck up.


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